Seeking strategic partner, trademark licensing agreement

Darry Taylor,  president of International Credit Assistance Ltd. based in Abbotsford,  knows his registered Collections With Class trademark is golden.

After 30 years in business he is looking for a strategic partner to take the business to the next level.

“It’s kind of like Dragon’s Den, having someone expand and market a licensing agreement to grow my business,” said Taylor, who is renowned for showing heart during the collections process in an industry that is “so brutal.”

“We collect debt with integrity and protect our client’s best interests and reputation in the community.  I’d like to partner with an organization or person who sees the value in the Collections With Class trademark and sees the potential and opportunity in the special way we conduct our business,” he said.

“I am being upfront.  In these agreements, people like me often stay on, provide training and guidance in maintaining our strong collections image,” he said. “At some point I will want to retire.”

Taylor’s business is one of the oldest collection agencies in B.C. and the accolades for his work have been amazing.

He found that collections could be accomplished by offering honest credit advice to debtors while negotiating recoveries for creditors, quickly establishing his strong brand.

In seeking a licensing agreement for the Collections With Class trademark, typically quality control provisions are in place, giving the licensor control over the quality of services provided under the licensed trademark.  And that satisfies Taylor since it defines his company’s legacy.

Testimonials by debtors like Cameron Burba clearly show the effectiveness of “being classy while collecting.”

After indicating his intent to settle with a Collections With Class client, he said: “You may not know it, but your approach to collections has had a profound effect on myself and my family.  Your influence and ideas should and probably will go all over the world.  I can certainly help spread it in this small corner of the world.

“You know, like Victor Kiam who liked the shaver so much he bought the company, I can’t say I liked this financial crises I am going through, but I now know what people in this situation go through and have a unique empathy.”

Those who see the potential in Taylor’s socially-responsible collections trademark and business opportunity are asked to contact him at 604-854-3328 to make an appointment.


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