Collections with Class MISSION

Collections with Class Mission

What business are we in? 

The Collection Industry

What is our purpose? 

To continue to grow, and serve our stakeholders in a considerate and unique way.
To provide reputable financial advice to debtors in order to assist them in improving their financial situation.

How do we achieve our goals?

We practice ethical principles with both honest and dishonest debtors.
We maintain a strong commitment that we will never pursue any action that our client would disapprove of.
We collect the debt with integrity while protecting our client’s best interest and reputation in the community.

Problem Prevention
Should any of our clients ever come across any work ethic which contradicts the above policy the writer would be available for immediate consultation and correction.

Yours Truly,
International Credit Assistance Ltd.
Darry B. Taylor

“Recovery Through Professional Mediation”

International Credit Assistance Ltd. (parent of Collections with Class®), a licensed and bonded collection agency, was incorporated on March 23rd, 1989. We are a business/collection agency with a diverse client portfolio, from small local businesses to large international banks. Having a well established network of business contacts together with our collection/credit expertise, we can offer complete collection/consulting services to our customers.

We take pride in, and pledge to, solve credit/collection problems to both the creditors’ and debtors’ satisfaction with a firm commitment towards maintaining amicable relations with all parties.

We pledge to be a growing, reputable collection agency for companies with accounts receivable problems, and to offer our clients professional collection services by meeting their needs with efficient services.

Finally, we pledge to bring innovative, assertive and productive service in the operation of our business, and to forge a partnership with employees to maintain the growth and viability
of our company.

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