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Credit Problems Big or Small, at CWC We Solve Them All

Collections with Class® is a company with a difference. Our services are designed to provide a complete credit package ranging from credit consulting with debtors to full collection services for our clients. As explained in our mission statement, we work with your debtors to achieve the best results for both parties. In fact, we have such success with debtors that many have sent letters of thanks to our company for assisting them to solve their credit problems and ultimately redeeming our clients debts.

Prior to engaging a collection agency creditors should consider the following points.

As do most agencies, we work on a NO COLLECTION – NO CHARGE basis. Our rates are competitive but for the most part the peripheral activities of the agency should take a back seat to the real purpose – can they collect money? Some of the areas that should be considered and discussed before we finalize our commission agreements are:

1. Does the collection agency conform to the credit and collection philosophy of your company?

2. Can the collection agency collect from the whole trading area?

3. Will the agency provide statistical reports? Will the agency provide an immediate report when required?

4. How do their rates compare? The lowest rate is not necessarily the best deal. Does a collection agency that charges 33% do field calls?

5. How effective are they in collecting? Do they have a large turnover of staff? Many do. Is the staff familiar with Bankruptcy and Credit laws? The percentages of recoveries for the Credit Union depend on these facts.

6. Can you visit their collection offices?

7. Do they appear to be flexible enough to live with your ground rules and policies?

8. Will the collection agency staff prepare credit reports after all accounts are settled or paid out? Will they file acknowledgments of payments into courts for judgments etc.?

9. Will the collection agency handle your client�s inquiries in a professional matter after the debts have been paid out or settled. Will the collection agency make sure Credit Reporting on settled and paid debts is done promptly?

10. Will the agency review each file independently and prepare the assignment sheets which is time consuming and costly for the creditor to do on their own?

11. Is the collection agency strategically located to allow easier access to debtors for field calls and interviews to discuss repayment terms?

12. Will the collection agency treat all debtors with respect and dignity and protect their privacy?

13. Will the collection agency follow the Debt Collection Act and Credit Reporting Act at all times.

Collection is a competitive business and the success of any agency is easily measured. We are proud of our high percentage of dollars recovered. We are confident that you will find our costs are reasonable and competitive taking all of the above into perspective.

Collections with Class® is well-staffed with experienced credit personnel. Our company forges a partnership with new employees to maintain the growth and viability of our company. Also, our collection staff has an incentive to solve the file rather than accepting payments over protracted periods. This strategy promotes being able to offer consistency in collection follow up to our clients. We also offer consulting services on a fee basis when creditors are faced with a difficult bankruptcy situation. Our staff is trained in negotiation, credit and collections.

The writer has developed a good working relationship with government agencies/trustees that will assist our clients with optimum recoveries.

Our firm has a collection system that recovers debts years after assignment. We have collected on many accounts that are almost statute barred and we must admit that numerous files that are assigned on collection are not profitable. This is after taking into consideration the time spent by my firm to recover the accounts.

We want your business so if you have any questions about our rates or services, please do not hesitate to contact the writer.

Yours truly,
Darry B. Taylor

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