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The Credit Management Company that happens to be licensed as a credit collection agency.

International Credit Assistance LTD. (parent of Collections with Class®) is a fully licensed and bonded collection agency with a BIG difference.

ICA has adopted the simple, but effective, philosophy that debtors and creditors are not adversaries but business partners with a problem – a problem that the people at ICA are the experts at solving.

We hope you will take the opportunity to find out more about ICA’s people, our policies, our experience, references and testimonials from clients and debtors. Please feel free to give us a call or email at any time with your questions or inquiries.

At ICA, not only have we many satisfied clients from Credit Unions, Banks, and many other companies both National and International, we are the only Collection Agency proud to showcase letters received from debtors after paying their accounts at our offices.

In many cases our advice not only collected the account, but put the debtors on the road to credit rehabilitation.

The following are some comments received from DEBTORS which have paid out slow accounts with our firm:

I wanted to send you a quick note to sincerely thank you for being patient, kind and understanding of my situation. Being in arrears for a long time, it was my pure intention to pay my debts, but with being a new Dad and my wife being on maternity leave, it just wasn’t in the cards to get it dealt with. Your agency not only understood that, you agreed to follow up with me 6 months later to discuss a repayment plan. Most collection agencies would not be this kind, so for that, I thank you.

You also went through my entire credit report and helped me understand the details of my report in which I had not idea about. Collections with Class not only helped me pay my debts, but you helped me repair my credit rating. I am now at ease knowing I am consumer debt free for the first time in my life! My wife and I are expecting our second son in January, and I have just purchased my first home. All of this is owed to the kind, honest and understanding of Collections with class. Thank you for helping me realize there is light at the end of the tunnel. You certainly live up to your company name “Collections With Class”.

Ms. T. Harwoods


One day (after being frightened off so many other times by different collectors), I received a phone call from a collection officer at International Credit Assistance Ltd. The person that called me was kind and respectful right off the bat, and we had a detailed discussion about my debt and how he could help me fix things. It was not simply about collecting for the company that hired his firm, but it was also about helping ME to understand the benefits of remedying the situation. He went over my credit rating step by step and explained details to me that I was completely unaware of. After our initial conversation, I saw light at the end of tunnel for the first time in 6 years. He worked with me and my budget, devising a payment plan tailored to my current situation.

It has been almost 2 years since that initial phone call and I am almost finished re-paying that debt. My credit rating has been mended and I am saving money to buy my first home.

Remember, if you ever get a call from a staff member of International Credit Assistance Ltd. (www.internetcollections.com), please do yourself a favor and take the time to “hear them out”.

RD, Kamloops, BC:

Dear Mrs. Corey Noble:

Thank you for all your help and patience through this. You will never know how much I appreciate everything you did for me.
I was pretty much at my wits end and my stress level was almost unbearable.

Mrs. LV

Dear Mrs. C. Esau:

Thank-you for all of your correspondence. I have had contact with a couple of debt collector companies which were aggressive to say the least. I don’t know if your approach is new, but I think that all companies in your line of work ought to take a look at how you guys approach it.

Take Care,

Mr. Jonathan S.

When we first received your letter in June 1990 stating you were a collection agency that assisted debtors in solving their financial difficulties we were naturally sceptical. At that time we had several agencies threatening legal action and thought our situation was hopeless. The time you spent explaining our options and also the financial advice was a godsend to our family. Our honest intention was to pay all our creditors but we could not do that and still feed our kids.

With your help we are now close to finalizing our credit problems. It would not have been accomplished without your help.

Thank you for all your assistance. It is a pleasure to see a collection agency which works with all parties in resolving the clients credit problems.

Yours truly,

Mr. & Mrs. W.

Your past patience and understanding with this overdue account was greatly appreciated. I wish that more creditors shared your values when it comes to relating to customers in financial dilemmas.

Yours truly,

Mrs. T.

Dear Mr. Taylor,

Being in debt is normal for us all, being in debt and not having the resources to maintain payments is at times unbearable. I have just completed over two years in the later state. Unfortunately, not all of my creditors used your company’s services.

I have wanted to pay, and did my best as finances permitted. But my finances did not always permit.

Only your firm worked with me; took time to try to help; accepted my situation as a temporary state; and left me with my dignity through the entire process.

Our joint communications were cordial and positive. I never felt dismay or anguish when you left message for me. This was not the case with other collectors I had to deal with.

Now I am back on course. Life is better and getting good again.

I sincerely thank you and wish others would follow your example.

Mr. M

Dear Mr. Darry Taylor:

All we can say is that you took what we thought was an impossible situation and turned it into something fantastic. Your perseverance in resolving our financial plight was unbelievable and we thank you.

You are amazing.

Thanks again.

Mrs. Marilyn F.

Mr. Taylor,

On a closing note, I would like to extend my gratitude for your assistance. Although, my situation was at a desperate level, with arrears dating several months, your commitment to seeing this through with me is greatly appreciated.

Mr. Mark Ag.

Just a note to thank you for all of the assistance you provided to Marie & I during a very difficult time in our lives. your understanding & compassion for us was unheard of in the debt collection industry. Your professional wisdom enabled us to develop a repayment plan that was possible for us at that time in our lives. There was never any assumptions or judgments on your part. You had a clear understanding of the circumstances we were faced with at that time & for this we are truly grateful! Your financial skills that helped us then, are still one of our best practices today. This has enabled us to be debt free, because of your guidance to this day……………Thanks again Darry & GOD BLESS YOU!

R & M Mc

We received an Acknowledgement of Payment document. I am pleased to say that you did everything you said you would do.
You performed with due diligence and professionalism. I think you are a rare bred in the collections profession.

Yours truly,
D Waman

The following are some comments received from CREDITORS:

Allan Sharp (President)
Quikcomm Financial Services

I am very pleased with your companies performance in helping us collect from clients that I thought to be
uncollectable. Your “never give up” dogged pursuit of these accounts sets you apart from other companies.

Goslings Ltd. Board of Directors:

Our company has retained the services of Mr. Darry Taylor and his company for over 20 years. ICA Ltd. has continued to succeed in collecting our accounts receivable in a commendable fashion. Considering the length of our business relationship, we are surprised that there have been no complaints on the practices of ICA Ltd (they are a collection agency). On the contrary, we have had positive comments from debtors on the treatment and professional advise that they have received from ICA Ltd. We commend ICA Ltd. and Mr. Taylor for breaking the stereotypes of collection agencies.

 Mr. Bill Brumpton, General Manager, Squamish Credit Union:

International Credit Assistance Ltd. has provided quality collection services to our Credit Union for over 10 years. We do not hesitate in recommending their services to other Credit Unions.

Mr. Adrian Parsons, VP Credit, Fraser Valley Edelweiss Credit Union:

I have known Darry for almost 30 years and found him to be very diligent and professional in his approach to collection files. For that reason, we use his company to act for Fraser Valley Edelweiss Credit Union.

Mr. Don Harder – Manager Credit
Recovery. Envision Financial:

Envision Financial has dealt with ICA Ltd. for over 25 years. We have found that Darry Taylor and his staff always treat our customers with respect while at the same time negotiating collection of our bad debt accounts. We believe that their service is unique in the industry and we are very pleased with the results that are consistently achieved.

Osborne International Seed Company, Mount Vernon, Washington, USA:

We appreciate ICA Ltd.’s approach to collection matters and the empathy to the difficulty our customer’s sometimes experience. Darry Taylor and his staff have been tremendously successful in the results obtained for our customers.

Four Corners Community Savings: John B. Hill – General Manager

Darry is one of those rare individuals who has both analytical and creative skills. He quickly grasps the true essence of a category. His instincts are dead on.

Mr. Don Goertz Jr. Little Oak Realty dba RE/MAX

I had known of Darry Taylor for several years prior to contacting him to deal with some difficult accounts. We chose Darry because of his approach to collections. At all times he has represented himself and us in an ethical and forthright manner. I appreciate that he is solution oriented and is always looking for the best way to get the job done. His tenacious attitude is a definite plus as well.

Coldwell Banker 1st Pioneer Realty, Langley, B.C. Canada
Stewart Henderson – Branch Manager:

We have known and used Darry Taylor and ICA ltd. almost from the day we started our business seven years ago. I have found Darry to be very efficient and effective but at the same time he is very empathetic to our customers and their problems. He and his staff always seem to find a quiet way to get things done.

Mr. R. Schilling, President, Yarrow Building Supplies Ltd.

PERSISTENCE PAYS OFF. We engaged the services of International Credit Assistance Ltd. to recover a debt in November, 1992.
In June 2004 we received the full balance with Judgment interest and costs. We are sure without their assistance this collection would never have materialized.

Mrs. J. C.

We engaged the services of a law firm in August 2000 to recover a substantial claim against an individual that was familiar with the ways of avoiding repayment to various creditors. This individual continued to structure his affairs so that his family assets would be solely held by his spouse and other parties. The actual debt was five years old when we finally initiated legal action to enforce recovery.

The litigation dragged on for years and we were becoming disheartened with the legal system in British Columbia. The pendulum seemed to swing in the debtor’s favour and we were becoming alarmed with the amount of legal costs that continued to accrue, without any final solution or recovery.

Fortunately, we were recommended to Mr. Darry Taylor of ICA Ltd. in July 2006. In August 2006, we engaged their services. During the collection process, we were always kept informed and, in May 2007, the debt was settled.

Although we did not receive the total amount owing, i.e.., accrued interest, we recovered all of our original investment with a little income to help offset our earlier barrister fees.

We are confident that, without the assistance of Mr. Darry Taylor, this settlement would not have materialized.

Jeff Fortin – President – Fortin’s Supply Ltd.

We have worked with Darry for almost a decade.

In summary — Darry & his team get the job done. What makes them shine is they handle clientele in a manner that reflects on our business in a positive way.

Gene Blishen – General Manager, Mt Lehman Credit Union

This letter is to confirm that Mount Lehman Credit-Union has used the services of Mr Darry Taylor and his company International Credit Assistance, for our collections for the past 14 years.

The services provided by Mr. Taylor and his staff have been commendable and professional. All requests from our office have been handled in an efficient and timely manner.

I do not hesitate in recommending International Credit Assistance to anyone looking for a reputable company to handle their collection needs.

You know Collections With Class I  feel compelled to share something with you.

I have another credit collection agency after for me for a much smaller debt. There are several factors that play into the reason why, but I ignore them. I won’t return their calls or messages. At the beginning, I tried to deal with them. I no longer do and here’s why.

First, they use an automated calling system with a pre-recorded, computer generated (non-human) message for me to call them back. I find this demeaning and dehumanizing. I also find it odd – you have a debtor you’re trying to collect from and you rattle off a ten digit phone number and 8 alphanumeric reference code that I’m supposed to remember if not near a pen and paper in the instant the message is delivered, and you expect them to eagerly call you back. For whatever reason, this really gets to me.

But there is something far more negatively impactful than that. When they first attempted to collect I did deal with them – I did indeed copy down the phone number and reference number and return the call. They were rude, derogatory and slightful.

I do my best these days to take responsibility for my past actions. At some point, when I have greater resources and financial stability, I may, or may not (the law does to some extent exonerates me by way the expiration of the statutory limitation period), deal with this debt. But they will be far from first in line.

I believe I could well have eluded you for another few months to have this debt too become stale-dated. I didn’t do that. In fact, you represent the ONLY creditor I am making arrangement with at this point, until I become more financially stable. And there is only one reason why. That reason is you.

You may wish to pass this on to your client……Mike R.

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